Regulation and discipline of Training Centers


The K9 world is extremely varied and each of us carries with it a bag of cultures, experiences and knowing that it is unique and personal. IWDA’s goal is not to train the “best” but to train professionals who share training guidelines based on solid scientific bases that respect the dog’s well-being and are able to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders. IWDA’s goal is to create a network of professionals who not only can, but know, be a group of people who share ethical principles. To this end, it is of utmost importance to identify Training Centers that meet the requirements of our Guidelines.

Training Centers Regulation
This Regulation sets out and explicit requirements and modalities for becoming an IWDA Recognized Training Center and to provide training and evaluation activities.

Iter of recognition

The iter begins by submitting a specific application to the IWDA National Management and follows the following steps:
• submitting the application through a special module;
• verification of the requirements by the National Directorate;
• registration in the IWDA Training Centers List;
• verification of the permanence of required requirements.

Tasks of the IWDA Board of Directors

The IWDA Board of Directors:
• elaborates and maintains the recognition module;
• establishes the methods of recognition as a Training Center and the periodicity of the update;
• Verifies the permanence of the required requirements for the Training Centers;
• releases IWDA Training Center attestation;
• checks the veracity of the statements provided, acting legally in the case of false statements;
• establishes the didactic programs, the modalities and the examination questions;
• Appoint the Examination Commission.

Minimum Requirements IWDA Training Centers

They may apply for recognition as a IWDA Training Center: companies, individual companies and associations with a VAT number.

The Scientific Director of the Training Center, is the exclusive interlocutor of IWDA, will be an IWDA Instructor or a professional with proven experience in the area where the Training Center asks for recognition. The Curriculum Vitae will be evaluated by the IWDA Board of Directors and the judgment will be unthinkable. The Scientific Director must have a teaching experience of at least 3 years in training courses (no seminars and stages are recognized) for public or private entities.

The Teachers Board of IWDA Training Center for each offered training course must be composed of at least 4 teachers, including the Scientific Director, of whom at least 2 must be IWDA Instructors.

The headquarters of the training center, whether rented or granted temporary, must have characteristics suitable for the course: for the theoretical part will be needed a classroom with offices, a system for the teaching of teaching material, toilets and parking . For the practical part, appropriate facilities must be available, including renting or temporary granting of the teaching activities provided for in the course. For work in the public area, the Center must have appropriate permissions.

The Advertising and Marketing Expenses of the Training Center and the Training Catalog will always be the sole responsibility of the Center itself.

Training Requirements

The course curriculum offered by the IWDA Training Centers must include all the topics listed in the IWDA National Guidelines. The minimum hourly rate for Handler courses is 260 hours (at least 60% of practice), K9 Instructor courses must have a minimum of 480 hours (minimum 40% of practice). It is possible to offer Instructor courses with a reduced program (224 hours) for those who have already obtained IWDA K9 Handler Diploma.
The frequency requirement is set at at least 80% of the hourly rate. In the classroom, no more than 20 students will be admitted.
The Training Center is required to maintain a Register of Attendance, a Teacher Register and a Student Register to be sent to the IWDA Technical Department.
It is the obligation of the IWDA Training Center to follow the student in the development of his professional career.

Exam Requirements

The IWDA Training Center is required to hold an Examination Exam at the end of an IWDA Training Course for Handlers or Instructors and has the ability to organize exam sessions throughout the year even for students who are not from IWDA Training Centers .
Pass Exam followed by submitting the membership fee and paying membership allow access to the Association’s Registers.
The examination board must be composed of at least 3 members, the President may not have been a lecturer at the training course. Members of the Commission will be entitled to a € 150 / day plus a refund of travel, board and lodging expenses. All expenses are payed by the Training Center.
The Training Center, within 5 days of the end of the exam session, will have to send to the IWDA National Direction:
• Report of the exam session
• Individual test report for each candidate;
• Student digital photo
The National Management will issue identification cards and attestations of passing examination upon receipt of the above-mentioned documentation, individual admissions and copies of the payment of the registration fee.