Professional profile

Joining an international reality like the one offered by the International Working Dogs Association means being open to meeting. It is thanks to the creation of an international network that allows comparison and constant contact between active professionals in the same field, which can create rigorous standards and guarantee high quality services to our stakeholders.

The International Working Dogs Association, referring to the existing European standards for new professions, brings together K9 handlers and instructors specialized in tracking / trailing / detection / patrol. In order to gain access to our Professional Association you must have strict requirements, sign the IWDA Code of Ethics and take on the obligation of constant professional updating through the frequency of courses and training seminars.

IWDA Dog Handler

IWDA Dog Handler is a professional with solid skills in the technical field (tracking / trailing / detection / patrol) that shows a deep knowledge of the dog, knows its ethology and its needs in order to ensure its wellbeing conditions during both working and everyday life. The IWDA Dog Handlers is ready to deal with his dog the operational reality in its own field of expertise.

IWDA Instructor

The IWDA Trainer is a dog handler with great work experience. He has obtained a certificate as dog trainer and thus possesses a solid knowledge of the dog, his ethology, his well-being, he knows the main training methods and masters the main theories of learning. The IWDA Instructor also has a solid knowledge and experience of the specialist field (trailing / tracking / detection / patrol).