The aim of the exam is to evaluate the candidate’s ability to practice according to the criteria established by the International Working Dogs Association: all IWDA professionals must act in a technical, ethical way to promote the value of their professional category .
Part of the exam will cover the IWDA Deontological Code.

Minimum skills

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Minimum academic qualification: high school graduate (EQF4 level)
  • Pass Ability Examination
  • No criminal conviction

Candidates from IWDA Training Centers

Candidates from IWDA Training Centers do not have to apply for an Examination Session because their training course already provides for the final exam. The exam sessions for candidates from IWDA Training Centers are organized and managed directly by the Centers responsible. After passing the exam, the eligible candidates will have to fill in and submit the Registration Form to the IWDA Register.

Candidates from non-IWDA Training Centers

Candidates who do not come from IWDA Training Centers must produce the following documentation:

• Certificates of technical-professional training carried out with the indication of responsible teachers
• Detailed program of theoretical-practical training carried out
• Attestation of overcoming the training course of at least 260 hours for handlers and 480 hours for instructors