Professional certificates

We evaluate the skills of  professionals  through careful selection and exams in line with international standards.

Lifelong learning

We offer to our members the opportunity to follow professional courses aimed at maintaining a high level of competence (know how) and to provide useful tools for  ethics and morality.

Worldwide community

We have offices in Europe, Africa and South America. Due to the international representation, we have created a network of professionals who share training standards, code of ethics and best practices.

We have offices in 4 continents and we got the best evaluation from our stakeholders

International Working Dogs Association has been rated 5 stars by its members and stakeholders. A solid international community of dog handlers and trainers who share training standards and code of ethics.

Professional Association


International Working Dogs Association

The IWDA is a professional association representing professional dog handlers and instructors specialized in tracking/trailing, detection and patrol.

We have offices in Europe, United States, Africa and South America.

By establishing a network we have the possibility of developing a credible ststem of knowledge and develop best pratices for employ K9 Units.

I.W.D.A. it is open to both professionals dog handlers/trainers with a career started in tracking, trailing or detection and to those who wish to start a professional training in this field.

  • Professional certificates

    IWDA evaluates the professional skills of its members through a careful selection and evaluation tests organized according to the most rigorous international standards.

  • Lifelong learning

    IWDA takes care of professional update of its members. We fix annually the minimum amount of hours required to our instructors and members.

  • Worldwide Community

    IWDA is an international community of professional dog handlers and professional dog trainers specialized in tracking, trailing and detection that works togheter to creates  good practices.

Our goal

Our main goal is to create a network of professionals who share guidelines for action and training, with particular attention to effective and efficient use of dogs on aspects of security, detection, SAR and to develop a system of certifications for professionals and to provide evaluation standards in mantrailing, tracking, detection and patrol that are tested by stakeholders in the discipline to give a baseline of credibility to the K9 team..

By establishing a network we have the possibility of developing a credible system of knowledge and develop best practices for use of K9 units.

Due to its prestigious international collaborations, IWDA has structured adequate internal performance control systems for its members in order to maintain a high level of professionalism of K9 handlers and instructors in compliance with the association’s code of ethics and conduct, and by the creation of professionals Registers of professionals that works under our standards

What our stakeholders tell about us

Great ethical and moral principles, the members of the association pay much attention to the well-being of the dog and to the definition of rigorous standards.

The instructors offer training at the highest level in all search disciplines.


Great association with excellent instructors


Great Association with excellent ethical and moral principles!


What was missing in the professional K9 industry!


Our local networks

Our local network in Italy

dott.ssa Roberta Bottaro

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Our local network in Belgium

Our local network in Germany

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Our local network in Netherlands

Scent Detection Academy


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Our local network in UK

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Tel. 00 44 7746 410976

Our local network in Spain

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Our local network in Finland

Our local network in Switzerland

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Our local network in Hungary

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Our local network in Greece

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Our local network in Chile

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United States

Local Network

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Our local network in South Africa

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Our local network in Kenya

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